Mitokinin is developing kinase neo-substrates for the treatment of neurodegenerative and mitochondrial diseases. Neo-substrates serve as alternative phospho-donors for the specific kinases that can accept them, PINK1 and CK2. In the case of PINK1, neo-substrates can significantly boost the activity of the active-form kinase; for CK2, the effect appears to be more substrate specific. One of the great advantages of the neo-substrate strategy is that the N-6 bulk that is a characteristic of all neo-substrates gives them built-in specificity, reducing the risk of off targets. Click here for more information on PINK1. Click here to learn more about CK2.

Mechanism of Action: Kinase Neo Substrates

Our goal is to increase the kinase activity of the kinases we target

Neo-Substrates Have Built-In Specificity

Neo-Substrates ≠ Kinase Inhibitors


Hertz, Nicholas T., Amandine Berthet, Martin L. Sos, Kurt S. Thorn, Al L. Burlingame, Ken Nakamura, and Kevan M. Shokat. "A Neo-Substrate that Amplifies Catalytic Activity of Parkinson’s-Disease-Related Kinase PINK1." Cell 154, no. 4 (2013), 737-747. doi:10.1016/j.cell.2013.07.030.